viernes, 24 de enero de 2014

Earn bitcoins or get them for free!

Earn Bitcoins! These sites are working the best. Highest and fastest payments. Sign up and start clicking till you earn enough to make your first ad. Make a blog like this one and advertise. Repeat until you see the bitcoins go to your wallet without you clicking anything anymore!  It will take more or less 10  times advertising your blog post to get the bitcoins flowing. Good luck!

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Apuestas en vivo!

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There is a service called coinbox and lots of faucets (fill out captcha every 30 minutes) use this service to manage micro payments. All the faucets on this page use coinbox who adds all the payments together on one address. Make one address, call it coinbox and use it on all the links below. This will ensure that you get paid once a day.

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Play a strategic game where you can win Gold, Money or Bitcoins.


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